Breaking New Ground

Reconnecting People with The Brecks


This gallery contains selected images and footage relating to the activities and experiences of the Breaking New Ground project; links to articles and features in the press and other publications; and details about other images featured on this website.  For even more images please click here to visit our Flickr page.

We want to build up an archive of Brecks images for present and future generations to use and enjoy.  If you have any images of the area that you would like to share, please get in touch.  They don't have to relate specifically to the work of Breaking New Ground, but they do have to be fabulous pictures of the Brecks area - the place, the people, the natural and built heritage.  Click here for our contact details.


Thanks go to Nick Ford for allowing us to use so many of his stunning photographs on this website; to see more of his work visit

We'd also like to thank local artist Jonathan Yule for allowing us to feature his painting in the mast image (top) of this website.  The full painting depicts the clearing of the morning mists in The Brecks.

  1. BNG in Action

    A selection of photographs documenting the progress of all the projects within the Breaking New Ground Scheme including some amazing and ground breaking nest camera footage from the Wings over the Brecks project.  Read more »

  2. Picture of the Month

    Each month the BNG team selects an image which catches their eye.  It might capture an aspect of the work being done over the previous 4 weeks, or simply be about The Brecks. It can be taken by the BNG team, submitted by our project partners, or be from a member of the public. Read more »

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    In the Media

    We'd like to thank our partners and members of the press who help to keep the work of BNG alive in the news. Read more »