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  1. How to survey a Pine Line

    How to survey a Pine Line

    Surveying a pineline is easy. The main thing is to stay safe, as many of them are on roadside verges. First find somewhere safe to stop. Most pinelines are on private land, so our best observed from public highways or footpaths. We rely on the …

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  2. Breckland Flora Art Workshops Return

    Breckland Flora Art Workshops Return

    We're excited to annouce a new series of botanical art workshops coming up this summer! You will learn to paint and draw Breckland plants with an expert talk accompanying each workshop. Over the past few years the watercolour workshops with the Iceni …

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  3. April Newsletter

    Read our April Newsletter here!

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  4. The Brecks From Below

    The Brecks From Below

    Here at Breaking New Ground, we’re excited to unveil a new project that we’ve been secretly working on for the last few months. Like our aerial photography project, the Brecks from Above, this will reveal the Brecks from a whole new …

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  5. March Newsletter

    Read our March Newsletter here!

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  6. February Newsletter

    Read our February Newsletter here!

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  7. Colour Ringed Stonechat

    Colour Ringed Stonechat

    On Saturday 17th December, Murray Brown, the RSPB’s Brecks Community Engagement Officer, led a well-attended walk, ‘Birds and Wildlife of the Forest’, at Brandon Country Park as part of the Wings over the Brecks project. One of the attendees …

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  8. January Newsletter

    Happy New Year from Breaking New Ground! Read our January Newsletter here!

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  9. Highlights from 2016

    Highlights from 2016

    2016 has been a year of change across the world but here in the Brecks, we have been continuing to work with all our partners to engage people and encourage them to appreciate this wonderful but often unappreciated landscape. So let’s take a look …

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  10. December Newsletter

    Read our December Newsletter here!

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