Breaking New Ground

Reconnecting People with The Brecks

A Good Grounding in Schools

Breaking New Ground in the School Grounds project gets underway.


Becks and I went along to Barnham Primary School on Thursday (12-03-15) to watch the launch information event for this exciting project.  The whole school and a few parents, gathered in the hall to listen to Mia Witham from the Green Light Trust.  She captured their interest with some stunning pictures of The Brecks landscape and wildlife – there were shreiks at the sight of a snake, awe at a Barn Owl stretched out in full flight and a big ahh at the rabbit.  To our surprise the children recognised images of Brandon Country Park and Thetford Forest.  Their knowledge of and enthusiasm for the outdoors was so encouraging, a testamanent to the school which embraces outdoor learning.  Children and parents were excited about the next 2 years of activities this project will deliver.  One parent thanked Mia and said she had learnt a lot, particularly about pingo ponds, explaining how she'd have thought they were a figment of her daughter's imagination if she hadn't been at the assembly herself to learn about them!


“Children were very keen and eager to ask questions about the project. One very well behaved year 6 boy asked if he could help me with the slides and introduced himself very politely and shook my hand. He was a great assistant! Barnham Primary is a lovely school with very well behaved, attentive and inquisitive children. Situated in a beautiful rural spot at the edge of the BNG geographical project area, it will be an ideal school to work with.

 This was the third of five project launch information events and so far these events have been well attended and received very positive response from the children and parents.”

 Mia Witham


The Green Light Trust is working with schools to bring some of the features of the Brecks into their grounds.  This will not only create opportunities for outdoor learning, but will also increase the biodiversity of the school grounds. Click here to find out more about the project.


Becks and I also went along to help Suffolk Wildlife Trust deliver their first sessions at Brandon and Elveden Primary Schools.  These involved sensory activities introducing Key Stage 2 pupils to The Brecks landscape and wildlife.  The children were buzzing with enthusiam and excitment, particularly as they got to touch real animal skeletons!

These sessions were part of the Brecks Uncovered project which is being delivered across the BNG scheme area by the Norfolk and Suffolk Wildlife Trusts.  Click here to find out more about the project.