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Booking Now for Brecks Building Skills Workshops

Booking has now opened for the next series of Brecks Building Skills Workshops, to be held at West Stow Anglo Saxon Village and delivered by Orchard Barn Environmental Education Centre CIC.

One of the first of Breaking New Ground's projects, Brecks Building Skills was a great success, with all workshops fully booked and attended by a wide range of people from builders to owners of older properties. Many participants came to more than one workshop for hands-on training in traditional skills including flint knapping and timber framing. 

Each workshop costs £5 and places are limited.

To book a place on the next series of workshops please follow the links below:


Saturday 17th October 2015: Mortar the Point    


Saturday 14th November 2015: Caught Knapping


Saturday 5th December: In the Frame                                        


Saturday 9th January 2016: Batten Down


Saturday 12th March 2016: Wattle be the Future?                                                                                                                                                                                        


Saturday 9th April 2016: From the Groud Up