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Peter rallying his troops outside the Records Office

Peter rallying his troops outside the Records Office

Brecks Military History - Training the Volunteer Troops.

The Suffolk Records Office (SRO) presented a training session for volunteers working with the Brecks Military History Project on the 19th February.

6 volunteers together with Peter Goulding, who is leading the project on behalf of The Breckland Society and Breaking New Ground Business Support Officer, Martina North, met at the Bury St Edmunds branch of the SRO. We were firstly given a fascinating talk by Victoria Goodwin, Archivist, on the work of the SRO.

 Victoria told us the SRO looks after 9 miles of records, 2 miles of which are housed at their Bury St Edmunds branch. The records range from parchments through paper to the digital such as memory sticks. The oldest record held by SRO dates back to 1116. About 15 items a month are donated to the Bury St Edmunds office, and include photograph albums and whole working life collections of documents.

Next Jean Deathridge gave us a tour of the Strong Room, explaining how the documents are preserved and protected from possible flood and fire. Thoughtfully she assured us that there are measures in place to rescue anyone trapped if the Strong Room goes into lockdown in case of fire. She must have noticed us all looking nervously around as she explained just how very air and watertight the Strong Room can be.

We then returned to Victoria who had found a large number of records relating to the military history in the Brecks. Photographs, diaries, letters, an autograph album signed by soldiers of the Great War, made for interesting reading. Peter then gathered us together to talk about how the volunteers can contribute to the project and possible topics for research.

Altogether an interesting and inspiring afternoon, demonstrating the resources and help the Bury St Edmunds office can give the Brecks Military History project. Thanks to Victoria and Jean for their work and to the volunteers for their interest and enthusiasm


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