Breaking New Ground

Reconnecting People with The Brecks

Exceptional Education Projects: Opportunities for Brecks Schools

Breaking New Ground is running 37 projects as part of it's scheme, with 6 specifically targeted at education.  The team are currently contacting schools within the project boundary to sign them up to one or more of the projects on offer.


The inspiring range of projects are being delivered by our partners, key organisations in the Breckland landscape.  They include the Wildlife Trusts for Norfolk and Suffolk, RSPB, Green Light Trust, Forest Heath District Council, Farm Conservation, Forestry Commission, Norfolk Biodiversity Information Service and Suffolk Biological Records Centre. The projects all aim to raise the understanding of the wildlife and culture of the Brecks through interactive learning experiences for all Key Stages.

Click here to download a brochure about the projects.

Councillor Lisa Chambers, Suffolk County Council’s cabinet member for education and skills and chairman of the Breaking New Ground LPS, said:

 “These projects will provide unique opportunities for local schools and pupils to discover the wealth of exciting culture, wildlife, landscape and heritage the Brecks has to offer. It aims to help and inspire young people living in the Brecks to connect with their local area.

“The number and range of projects on offer through Breaking New Ground means there is something to suit every school and reach as many pupils as possible. Through working on these projects, pupils will gain an understanding of their truly stunning surroundings and have their eyes opened to a world they may not have yet discovered.

“I’m extremely excited about the benefit these projects will bring our young people and I urge all local schools to engage fully with the programme.”


Equally enthused about local opportunities is Ian Monson, Norfolk County Councillor for the Brecks;

 “I am delighted that this project for our schools in the Brecks is going ahead. Far too often in this fast moving modern world, do we ignore the natural heritage and landscape around us, often because we have not been taught to appreciate it at an early age. Using key local organisations to bring it into the classroom is a perfect way of introducing a greater understanding, respect and love of this rich natural world of the Brecks we have inherited. I do hope that local schools will take full advantage of this wonderful opportunity and find time to become involved”.


The six projects are all designed to be delivered independently but there is also opportunity to link projects together allowing schools to increase their involvement with the overall scheme. For example The Brecks Uncovered project introduces pupils to the wildlife in the local area starting in the school grounds before branching out to a local nature reserve. This links to ‘Wildlife Recorders of Tomorrow’ which will help schools to learn how to record the wildlife in their school grounds and loan equipment such as bat monitors to get first-hand experience of monitoring techniques. 

For more information on these and the rest of our schools projects,Beastly Brecks, Breaking New Ground in the School Grounds, Pine Lines and Pine Connections and Wings over the Brecks contact us directly.  Click here for details.