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Fantastic Fungi

Painting Fungi in Watercolour -1st November 2014

The popular series of watercolour workshops, delivered by the Iceni Botanical Artists, ended this month with fungi.  The programme will repeat again next year.


Summary of the day by Isabel Bartholomew 

A large selection of fungi were on display, collected the day before by Reinhild Raistrick (tutor), Isobel Bartholomew and Jonathan Revett ( Guest Speaker).  The unusually warm October and perfect fungi growing conditions had brought on a good flush in the woodlands in the Thetford area, and everyone was impressed with the quantity and variety of species available.

Jonathan Revett’s illustrated talk was very well received - informative as well as entertaining with some colourful tales of woe resulting from badly identified species.

In advance Reinhild had set up some individual collections of fungi on damp Oasis to represent them growing in their natural habitat, surrounded by leaf litter, moss and grasses and demonstrated how to achieve this natural look. She also had handouts which very much helped with the understanding of how to draw them.

There followed two demonstrations by Isobel and Reinhild on the watercolour techniques and colour mixing involved with painting both the fungi and the base habitat materials surrounding the composition.

Some very beautiful paintings were produced, considering the time available, and everyone worked hard with high levels of concentration. The four best paintings were chosen for future exhibition displays.  Click here to see more photographs from the day, including examples of the paintings produced.