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Flint Panels Rescued

The Breaking New Ground Landscape Partnership team was made aware of the existence of the Brandon Library flint murals as a result of research carried out by BNG Flint in the Brecks project being delivered by the Breckland Society. The panels were made by master flint knapper William Carter (1857-1904) of the Gun & Building Flint Manufacturers, in Brandon, and donated to the Brandon Library by five of his descendants. They were flagged up by members of the Breckland Society as potentially under threat because the building is expected to be demolished at some point, and their future was unclear.

Following discussions between the BNG team, Suffolk County Council and Brandon Town Council as well as the family of William Carter, it was decided that we should try to do something about that. After discussions with our board's grant committee, funding was made available through the BNG People's Pot grant scheme and a plan developed to remove them from the wall.

Suffolk County Council archaeologists came to assess the situation and a small project turned into a major piece of work that involved removing a large part of the library wall. A pleasant discovery during the removal work was that the original builders had left a note on a piece of cigarette packet with the names R. Dennis and B. Bunn dated June 1972. All of the pieces were removed intact and are now being stored at Brandon Country Park pending a decision on how best they can be made available for the continued enjoyment of the local community. In the short term, one of the pieces will form part of the Flint Rocks Exhibition which will be held at Ancient House Museum in Thetford from 21st November.



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