Breaking New Ground

Reconnecting People with The Brecks

Thetford Station (c) WikiCommons

Thetford Station (c) WikiCommons

New Project: A Platform for Wildlife

We had some great applications to this year's People's Pot Small Grant fund, and we're delighted to announce that we are able to provide each of the projects with some funding. Over the next few weeks we'll introduce each of the new projects.

First up is "A Platform for Wildlife". Friends of Thetford Station applied for funds to improve understanding of the history and architecture of the old flint station building and create a new wildlife friendly green space for the station.

Raising awareness of the heritage value of the station building is a key part of the project, and the Friends have already organised a display of information and photographs about the building in one of the waiting rooms. Built in 1845, from high-quality black Brecks flint, the station is important as an example of local flint architecture. An additional grant from the Breckland Society will go towards providing an interpretation panel explaining the history and significance of the building.

The green areas next to the platforms will become wildlife-friendly zones, providing sources of food and shelter for insects and birds (the station is already home to a significant population of house sparrows, as well as tits and finch). The Friends plan several birdboxes and feeders as well as insect habitats in the form of "bug hotels" and log piles, mixed native hedging and wildlfower planting. Fiona Rhind, Treasurer of the Friends says "the introduction of permanent nesting sites and supplementary feeding will help support declining local species and attract them to a self-sustaining conservation area which can be enjoyed by the community" 







The green areas are the new wildlife-friendly zone.