Breaking New Ground

Reconnecting People with The Brecks

Painting Pine Lines

Iceni Botanical Artists Workshop 11th July 2015


 "Painting Pinelines" was the 6th in this series of very popular Watercolour Workshops. 16 artists of varying experience attended the event held at Santon Downham Village Hall.


"Nick Gibbons repeated his splendidly researched talk of last year about ther history of the Pine Lines, with many good photographs varying from early pine line maps, the effects of climate, soil types, varying locations of where they are currently seen and the botany and diseases of the Scots Pine. The talk was very well received with mention on many feedback forms that it had greatly enhanced the attendees knowledge of the Brecks.


Sheila OBrien had well prepared the practical side of the day with several suggested designs in colour in the form of handouts for each person to copy or adapt. The preceding talk also helped to lay the groundwork of understanding hving seen many landscape photos of the Brecks. Sheila demonstrated the painting of background skies, trees and foregrounds on part-painted prepared demonstration boards. She also had on display several of her own paintings of Scots Pines and Pine Lines which were greatly admired.


Some really beaultiful and varied work was produced at an even higher standard than the previous year. Everyone worked extremely hard at highly concentrated levels. Sheila and I had difficulty in selecting the four best paintings, as individual styles and techniques presented equally valid work. The four winners generously donated their paintings to be displayed at a later time.


Feedback gathered from the Workshop Feedback Sheets to the question..."did the day enhance your knowledge of the Brecks?" - 

..."the talk was excellent in setting the scene"                                           

..."fascinating to learn how the Brecks evolved"

Other comments - 

..."a very comfortable, friendly atmosphere in which to work"

..."teaching was very encouraging"

..."I had a fabulous day, learnt so much, and produced a piece of Art!"


                                                                  Isobel Bartholomew, Project Leader, Creatively Interpreting the Brecks