Breaking New Ground

Reconnecting People with The Brecks

School Children Discover the Brecks Uncovered

Visits to local schools by project partners, Suffolk Wildlife Trust have been a great success - as feedback from teachers shows.

On the 14th of April Suffolk Wildlife Trust visited Forest Academy, Brandon and Elveden Academy as part of our Brecks Uncovered project. The children were able to try out practical activities which taught them about their local area. 

Victoria Wisdom, Class Teacher at Forest Academy said "A wonderful opportunity for the children, thank you".

"The practical work was really engaging for the children." - Zoe Griggs, Elveden Academy.


Bev Rogers, Education Coordinator for Suffolk Wildlife Trust said "This really shows how valuable the project has been for connecting children to their local area. Breaking New Ground has given them the opportunity to experience it with Environmental educators who can bring it to life, allowing the children to learn the value of it and take ownership. Hopefully the legacy will be young people caring about and protecting the Brecks for many years to come.".

You can read more about the Brecks Uncovered here.