Breaking New Ground

Reconnecting People with The Brecks

The Brecks From Below

Here at Breaking New Ground, we’re excited to unveil a new project that we’ve been secretly working on for the last few months. Like our aerial photography project, the Brecks from Above, this will reveal the Brecks from a whole new perspective.

Inspired by Neolithic flint mines, we decided to build a network of tunnels starting from the bottom of the 120ft well at the Engine House. The work is being carried out by a team of dedicated volunteers who are using traditional stone-age tools such as antler picks to carve out the tunnels, which will eventually link up to Grendel's Mother's Cave at West Stow Country Park

Visitors will be lowered down the well to the tunnels in a specially designed bucket and as they do so, will have a chance to see the changing geological strata as the sandy soil gives way to chalk and then layers of flint beneath the ground.

Project manager Nick Dickson said “Helping to secretly dig the new tunnel under the Engine House at Brandon has been a real experience for me. I can't wait to manually lower the public down the well in our smart new bucket so they can see the fascinating geological history of the Brecks”

If you would like to get involved in some authentic stone age tunnel digging yourself, then get in touch, you can even borrow our Neolithic rabbit fur loin cloths and tunics for the full experience!