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The Warreners' Tales

We are very pleased to annouce the release of our new film about Thetford Warren Lodge, produced by the award winning Ember Films! It's available on Vimeo here. The film will now be screened across the Brecks, in schools and community centres. There's also a fantastic KS2 lesson plan to go with it. Do get in touch if you'd like to show the film.

Thetford Warren Lodge now stands abandoned and forgotten, but it was once a site of great importance in the Brecks area of Norfolk and Suffolk. It stood at the heart of the Brecks warrening industry, breeding and culling rabbits to fulfil England's demand for rabbit meat and fur from the early 1400s all the way through to the 1950s. 'The Warreners' Tales' re-imagines what Thetford Warren Lodge would have been like throughout English history, telling the story of Queens, wealth, poaching and great devastation.

A Breaking New Ground Landscape Partnership Film
An Ember Films Production
Supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund

The Warreners' Tales: A History of Thetford Warren Lodge from EmberFilms on Vimeo.

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Director & DOP: Jonathan Jones
1st AC & Colourist: Justin Hunt
Creative Producer: Andrew Steggall
2nd AC: Jack Howe
Editor & VFX: Nathan Whitmarsh
Production Co-ordinator: Evie Calaby
Production Manager: Emma Jones
Production Assistants: Amy Houchin & Neil Hutchinson
Sound Recordist: Tom Williams
Music: Benjamin Squires
Sound Design: George Fry
Hair & Makeup: Ella Newland
Costume & Props: Karen Naylor & Sam Holyfield
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Alex Allot
David Norfolk
Corby Calaby
Evie Calaby
Gavin Chard
Ed Goodall
Sam Holyfield
Amy Houchin
Jack Howe
Justin Hunt
Neil Hutchinson
Emma Jones
Millie Jones
Karen Naylor
Andrew Steggall
Charlie Sykes
Nathan Whitmarsh
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