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Breaking New Ground in the School Grounds holds first session for teachers.


Last Tuesday (24th March), Becks and I 'tore' ourselves away from the delights of spreadsheets, and drove over to High Lodge.  We met up with teachers from 3 of the 5 schools involved in the 'School Grounds' project being delived by The Green Light Trust.

Mia Witham from the Trust gave a very engaging overview of the project; she spoke warmly about the positive reception she had received in schools so far and how she had been delighted by the enthusiatic response of children.

Ashley Seaborne explained how the project fitted in with the wider work of The Green Light Trust, which compliments and will help to build on the work of Breaking New Ground. 

After a short Q and A session there was time for us all to get our hands dirty planting some pine tree seeds.  Becks and I had planned to have a competition back at the office to see whose would grow the best, but sadly mine failed spectacularly before it even started.  The pot fell over and spilled its content in my car.  I thought I might be able to rescue it by scooping it all up, but when I opened my car door, a gust of wind blew it all across Brandon Country Park!  Never mind, I just hope the school children have better luck with theirs.

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