Breaking New Ground

Reconnecting People with The Brecks

Our Projects

The main priority of the Breaking New Ground Landscape Partnership is:

to connect communities with the landscape through the conservation and restoration of the natural and built heritage features; features that make the Brecks landscape so distinctive.


The projects within the scheme have been divided into 4 categories.  Click below to find out more or click here to download the full Landscape Conservation Action Plan.

For an update on the progress of all our projects, click on the latest report on the right of the screen.




  1. Pool Frog © NWT

    A Home to Many

    The Brecks is a special place of changing landscapes and unique character. The variety of habitats provides a home to so many species, some of which occur in The Brecks and no-where else!  Our projects will be working to improve areas for the benefit of wildlife so our special species can continue to thrive Read more »

  2. Mausoleum at Brandon Country Park © Nick Ford

    A Window into the Past

    The Brecks is steeped in human history, with stories stretching back to the Stone Age.  A Neolithic flint mine, rabbit warrens, Christian buildings, landed estates and infamous inhabitants all have stories to tell.  But we don’t just want to tell these stories, we want to bring them to life and make new discoveries. Read more »

  3. Family Fun Day

    A Place to Explore

    The Brecks is a great place to escape to; the vast landscape has a sense of space and freedom, with plenty of unique features waiting to be discovered. Our projects aim to improve access to the Brecks, both physical and digital, in a number of ways. Read more »

  4. Brecks Building Skills

    A Future for All

    Would you like to learn new skills and find out more about The Brecks? The Brecks’ heritage and landscape is a fantastic resource.  Our projects aim to bring a wealth of knowledge, understanding and experience direct to you, so you can learn new skills and re-discover old hobbies. Read more »

To understand the language of landscape ...offers insights and enjoyment beyond the ordinary.

Sir Neil Cossons in 'English Landscapes:East Anglia' 2006