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Discovering the Archaeological Landscape of the Brecks Training Programme

Discover the archaeology of the Brecks - Are you itching to get your hands dirty in a real excavation? Dying to know more about mysterious crop marks? Then this project could be just for you.

Archaeologists now recognise the Brecks as an internationally important archaeological landscape. The prehistory of the area, although evidently of importance, is actually poorly understood with few opportunities for public engagement.

Working in partnership, Norfolk and Suffolk County Council aim to assemble and train a team of landscape investigators.  They will undertake field walking, test-pitting and limited excavation. This team will then be available to monitor the effects of any operations that disturb the ground, and gather data that is useful for management decisions.  This will help to extend the academic understanding of the area’s prehistory (and of course history – any investigations would record everything, regardless of date!).  Information will be made available via a website, exhibition and through presentations. Volunteers will also be trained in the analysis and interpretation of artefacts and the preparation of archaeological reports.   They will then be encouraged and supported to undertake researches of their own, and their work will culminate in a one-day conference celebrating community archaeology in the Brecks.

The ultimate aim is that the team becomes as self-sufficient as possible.  Its work will establish a rolling, long-term project that will steadily increase its coverage and understanding of the Brecks.

The workshops on offer will cover a range of different aspects from rooting through the records to rooting through the earth, you will learn how to investigate the past through presentations, demonstrations and hands-on activities.  The workshops will be led by heritage experts in a variety of fascinating locations throughout Norfolk and Suffolk.

Thanks to the Heritage Lottery Fund, places on these day schools are free.  To find out more about the whole programme, click here to download a press release.

For Norfolk County Council's Norfolk Heritage Explorer pages about the project, click here.



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Rapidly Recording Archaeological Earthworks Workshop, 17th December


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Brecks and Mortar 25-04-15
Brecks and Mortar 25-04-15