Breaking New Ground

Reconnecting People with The Brecks

Family Fun Day

Family Fun Day

A Place to Explore

The Brecks is a great place to escape to; the vast landscape has a sense of space and freedom, with plenty of unique features waiting to be discovered. Our projects aim to improve access to the Brecks, both physical and digital, in a number of ways.


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  1. Family Fun

    This project aimed to give ‘hard to reach’ families the opportunity to come together and enjoy outdoor space, celebrating all that the Brecks has to offer. The project was delivered by Brandon Country Park and Forest Heath and St Edmundsbury district councils. The park hosted three free events that were branded and promoted as ‘Forest Fest’. Read more »

  2. Enchanted Forest

    This project was initially intended to be a free two day event at a transformed Brandon Country Park, bringing to life its history, providing educational activities, and showcasing the work of BNG projects in a fun and interactive way. It was realised though that the capacity of Brandon Country Park to attract the numbers required was not large enough. In order to reach the most amount of people, the decision was made to split the event into two separate events. Read more »

  3. Sandlines: Writing The Brecks

    Get your literary juices flowing in these creative writing workshops, connecting people, landscapes and memories. Read more »

  4. Brecks Landscape Patterns

    A fantastic opportunity to connect with the Brecks through environment inspired art. Discover and interpret patterns in the landscape through artist led community workshops. Read more »

  5. Brecks Forest Way

    Walking, cycling and horse-riding are popular activities in the Brecks.  Though there are a number of existing trails between Thetford and Brandon, many are difficult to navigate due to a lack of maintenance and changes in the river course.  Read more »

  6. Fieldtrip to the Devil's Punchbowl © TD Holt-Wilson

    Brecks Earth Heritage Trail

    The geodiversity of the Brecks is easily overlooked, yet it underpins the biodiversity and historical interest of the area. It is the physical aspect of this unique landscape, and has set the scene for what we see today: the shape of the land and its component landforms, the nature and distribution of rock types and soils, the patterns of its river valleys, the nature of its groundwater. It records the profound story of environmental change over millennia, including evidence of early human settlement. Read more »

  7. Contact © Nick Ford

    Brecks Trail

    The Brecks has something for everyone: outdoor activities, heritage attractions, delicious local food and drink and great places to stay. It is also is a distinct geographical area. Read more »

  8. Grimes Graves © English Heritage

    Brecks Heritage Trail

    The Brecks has a rich diversity of natural and man-made landscape heritage just waiting to be explored.  Public access to it, however, remains under-developed and unstructured.  Read more »

  9. Digital Access to the Brecks

    This project, delivered by the BNG team, will provide the main web site and on-line facilities for the BNGLPS. Read more »

  10. Thetford Munzee Trail

    The Thetford Munzee Trail is a great way to explore this heritage-rich town. Have fun competing with your friends and family, answer our quiz questions while hunting and capturing each Munzee code – and discover places you never knew existed... plus, it’s absolutely free! Read more »