Breaking New Ground

Reconnecting People with The Brecks

Brecks Forest Way

Walking, cycling and horse-riding are popular activities in the Brecks.  Though there are a number of existing trails between Thetford and Brandon, many are difficult to navigate due to a lack of maintenance and changes in the river course. 

Led by Norfolk County Council this project will create a multi-use route, with short sections and circular paths, connecting Thetford to Brandon along the Little Ouse valley.  The trails will include mapping, clear signage, improved surfaces and counters for monitoring . The project will provide a free local resource for community activities, schools and others to engage with the environment and learn about their heritage, as well as taking exercise and addressing health issues. People will be able to walk, cycle or ride as appropriate

The route will be established, upgraded and promoted as part of Norfolk Trails. . Norfolk County Council is committed to supporting its maintenance for the foreseeable future.

Community volunteers will be engaged and trained to audit and give feedback to the Council on the condition of the routes. They will also be trained on leading walks, and giving information about local history and biodiversity. 


Latest News

Work is progressing on the trail, with a replacement bridge across the Little Ouse in Brandon and new boardwalks at Two Mile Bottom. Read more here.














Quarterly Progress Reports.


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