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Grimes Graves © English Heritage

Grimes Graves © English Heritage

Brecks Heritage Trail

The Brecks has a rich diversity of natural and man-made landscape heritage just waiting to be explored.  Public access to it, however, remains under-developed and unstructured. 

The Breckland Society aims to address this by creating a series of 10 heritage trails across the Norfolk and Suffolk Brecks.  These trails will be designed for walkers, cyclists and horse riders, utilising existing rights of way, including bridleways and cycle paths.    

The trails will be based upon circular routes of differing lengths, with each one focused on a specific heritage theme. They will feature over 40 sites of historical and natural interest from the Neolithic flint mines at Grimes Graves, through Bronze Age barrows, medieval commercial rabbit warrens and the Brandon gunflint industry, to the 18th century country estates and houses, 19th century gardens and the 20th century military use of the area and the establishment of Thetford Forest. Sites selected for their outstanding landscape, wildlife and ecological interest will also be included.

The trails will be developed with the participation of local community groups, parishes, schools and history and wildlife societies. They will include partnership working with a variety of stakeholders, including landowners, the Forestry Commission, Natural England, English Heritage, County Archaeology Units, County and District Councils, the Norfolk and Suffolk Wildlife Trusts, heritage and tourism providers, voluntary organisations and Friends of Thetford Forest.

Each trail will be identified by a new ‘Brecks Heritage Trail’ symbol, attached to existing and new waymarker posts. The symbol will be designed by students from local schools and colleges.

Information on each trail will be available as both a leaflet and a downloadable PDF, as well as on new interpretation panels in each parish.

The project will include volunteers at every stage, from development to delivery.


Latest News

This project is underway, more details coming soon!

Visit the Breckland Society's website for more details.