Breaking New Ground

Reconnecting People with The Brecks

For Teachers: Educational Resources

High Lodge Wings over the Brecks Trail

Lesson Plan and Resources: Tree Fact Files, Birds & Food chains (KS 1&2)

This is a Lesson Plan for teachers to use the Magic of the Brecks Trail at High Lodge in Thetford Forest, looking at birds and wildlife of the forest.

Curriculum links:

Key stage 1:

Geography - Place Knowledge

Science - Plants; Animals, including humans

Key stage 2:

Geography - Place Knowledge Science - Living things and their habitats;

Animals, including humans; Evolution and inheritance.

Thetford Warren Lodge Film

Film & Lesson Plan (KS2)

This Local History Lesson Plan accompanies The Warreners' Tales which is a 10 minute docu-drama about the history of Thetford Warren Lodge, in the Norfolk Brecks, produced by Ember Films.

Focus: To gain knowledge and understanding of some of Norfolk's past through the exploration of a local heritage site. They will identify the relationships between the landscape and how it has changed over time in context with its use and the roles of those who lived and worked there.

Breaking New Ground historical learning packs

From our partners at Norfolk County Council, who are working on the 'Discovering the archaeological landscape of the Brecks training programme' project, some useful resources on Brecks buildings and historical records:

Plus read about our Educational projects with local schools.

Colouring Sheets

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