Breaking New Ground

Reconnecting People with The Brecks

Our Projects

The main priority of the Breaking New Ground Landscape Partnership was:

to connect communities with the landscape through the conservation and restoration of the natural and built heritage features; features that make the Brecks landscape so distinctive.

The projects within the scheme were divided into 4 categories. Click below to find out more or click here to download the full Landscape Conservation Action Plan.

A: Conservation Projects
A1 Ground Disturbance
A2 Conserving the Brecks County Wildlife Sites
A3 Pingos and Pool Frogs
A4 Pine Line Connections
A5 Engine House Restoration
A6 People's Pot
B: Community Participation Projects
B1 People's History of Thetford Forest
B2 Enchanted Forest and Heath
B3 Family Fun (Forest Fest)
B4 Wildlife Recorders of Tomorrow
C: Access and Learning Projects

Brecks Forest Way

C2 Brecks Earth Heritage Trail
C3 Brecks Trail
C4 Wings Over the Brecks
C5 Heritage Trails
C6 Revealing the Landscape - LiDAR
C7 Digital Access (Warrener's Tales)
C8 Brecks from Above
C9 Connecting the Landscape to its Archives
C10 Journal of Breckland Studies
C11 Beastly Brecks
C12 Upon this Rock
C13 Brecks Fest
C14 Flint in the Brecks
C15 Warrens and Lodges
C16 Sheep in the Brecks
C17 Military History
C18 Creative Interpretation (Botanical Art)
C19 Landscape Revolutions
D: Training Opportunity Projects
D1 Brecks Archaeological Training
D2 Caring for the Built Heritage of the Brecks
D3 Work Placements
D4 Geological Brecks for Land Managers
D5 Ice Age Brecks
D6 BNG in the School Grounds
D7 Brecks Uncovered
D8 Barnham Cross Common - Future Skills

To understand the language of landscape ...offers insights and enjoyment beyond the ordinary.

Sir Neil Cossons in 'English Landscapes:East Anglia' 2006