Breaking New Ground

Reconnecting People with The Brecks

Digital Access to the Brecks

This project, delivered by the Breaking New Ground team, provided the public facing gateway to the Landscape Partnership Scheme and the rich variety of engagement opportunities, access improvements, and information resulting from the other 36 projects. The Breaking New Ground website was created with support from Suffolk County Council providing a modern user interface and the power to hold a lot of information. Each project has it’s own page like this one, detailing what the project was about and what was going on currently. There were also news and events sections that were updated regularly, as well as strong integration with the primary social media channels of Facebook and Twitter. Social media was a huge asset to the LPS, being one of the main ways in which people kept up to date with the scheme and heard about upcoming events and opportunities for involvement. Originally the project was intending to produce a BNG smartphone application which would act as a hub, providing details about the scheme, events and promotional material. However, the website was mobile optimised, meaning BNG info was easily accessible on mobile platforms. A saturation of the app market and similar apps not receiving high numbers of downloads, it was decided that funds would be better reallocated to the digital interpretation of Thetford Warren Lodge which was envisaged as part of the app.

A contract was awarded to a local award winning company, Ember Films, who proposed to make a short docu-drama style film, telling the story and history of the building. The results were amazing and the final film was produced alongside a ‘making-of’ documentary, subtitled versions in English, Polish and Portuguese, as well as a curriculum linked education pack for local schools. (Lesson-Plan-Thetford-Warren-Lodge.pdf) Ember took on two work placements as part of the project, helping local people gain invaluable experience in the film industry having graduated with media related qualifications. The film was nominated in the ‘Best Short Film’ category at the Royal Television Society East Region Awards. It can be watched here:

The Warreners' Tales: A History of Thetford Warren Lodge from EmberFilms on Vimeo.